Online Craps Tips

Here are some quick Craps tips to help beginners boost their confidence heading into their initial experiences, as well as provide a refresher of sorts for more experienced Craps fans:

  • Make bets or establish a pattern of play that you like and stick to it!
  • Craps online is played faster than in land casinos, so feel free to set a comfortable tempo for yourself.
  • If you wish to play and enjoy the game for a longer period of time, stick to the ‘Pass/Don’t Pass’ and ‘Come/Don’t Come’ bets.
  • If you’re looking to ‘hit and run’ and winning is a priority, opt for high-odds bets.
  • Don’t expect to win every roll of the Craps dice.
  • Raise as you win, lower bets as you lose.
  • Ethics at the live table are important. Respect all players and pay attention to their shooting style. If they have controlled dice movement, bet along with them. If they just pick up and toss, then use the Don’t Pass option.
  • If the table is choppy, a good way to hedge your bet is to establish a Don’t Pass bet, then bet the 6 & 8.
  • On the Come Out Roll, place a Pass Line bet and an equivalent field bet. That way, if or when the Shooter Craps out, you still win in the field. When the Shooter wins with a 7 or 11, you still manage to break even.
  • Try to mimic the player with the most chips. If he or she is a high roller, use a smaller amount for yourself.
  • Never walk up to a Craps table and throw your money in. Instead, take a moment to review the action, people and the game in progress.
  • When testing a new Craps strategy, consider playing in free Craps “Practice” mode.
Online Craps History

The history of Craps is considerably longer and definitely more colourful than most other casino games. Some folks are of the unwavering belief that the game’s origins are rooted in an earlier game called ‘Hazard’ – a game played in England during the Middle Ages.

Another theory is that the game of Craps was a Roman invention. According to those sharing this conviction, soldiers belonging to the Roman Legions used to make cubes from pig’s knuckles, which were tossed similar to how Craps dice are tossed today. Hence the famous expression, “to roll the bones.”

With respect to how Americans ultimately came to play Craps, the general consensus is that the game made its way over the Atlantic from Europe.

Which theory, or theories, is true is anyone’s bet. What is certain, though, is that online Craps history is only just beginning to be written, as the internet version of this exciting game is still in its infancy. But given the game’s already massive appeal, and the faster-than-a-speeding-bullet rate in which the online gambling world is evolving, the future of online Craps history will certainly make for some very interesting reading.