Business: CryptoLogic announces new Spiderman slot

Tuesday, Dublin online-casino programmer CryptoLogic Ltd. announced the release of its latest casino bonus pack, which includes two new online slots: “Spiderman Revelations” and “Dragon Sword.”

“Spiderman Revelations” is a 25-line slot that accepts a maximum bet of $125. Its theme is based on Marvel Comics’ “Spiderman” series and features three jackpot levels, as well as several bonus games.

In one “Spiderman Revelations” bonus game, players win bonus multipliers for each train commuter they rescue from Dr. Octopus. Players who rescue enough commuters can win up to 5,000 times their original bets.

The second game in CryptoLogic’s new package, “Dragon Sword,” is a high-fantasy themed, 25-line slot that accepts a maximum bet of $500. It offers a 15 free-spin bonus as well as a multiplier that gives players 6,000 times their initial bets.

Other notable “Dragon Sword” features include two bonus games – one of which triggers when three flashing swords line up. Players then choose between five treasure chests and win bonus multipliers for every “golden sword” they find. After they’ve chosen three chests an animated sequence follows in which the game’s knight character battles a dragon.

The final feature of the bonus pack is an update for CryptoLogic’s “Atlantic City Blackjack.” According to the company’s press release, the update improves the game’s graphics and adds auto-betting and auto-strategy options.

“CryptoLogic promised more innovative games, more often – and we take this commitment seriously,” CryptoLogic vice president Justin Thouin said. “Even with the most acclaimed Internet casino software on the market, CryptoLogic continues to break new ground, delivering exceptional experiences to players and profits to our licensees.”

All three games are currently available on and, CryptoLogic said, will “be live on other sites… in the near future.”